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Terms & Conditions

Consumer advisory — Frasers Centrepoint Property Management Services Pte. Ltd (“FCPMS”), the holder of Frasers Centrepoint Malls (“FCM”) Gift Card stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Consumers (users) are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

  1. By purchasing or using the FCM Gift Card, the purchaser and/or the user agrees to these terms and conditions (“Conditions”). If you do not agree to any of these Conditions, please do not purchase or use the FCM Gift Card.
  2. The FCM Gift Card:
    1. may be purchased at a minimum value of $10, or any larger value in multiples of $10, up to a maximum to be fixed by FCPMS from time to time;
    2. may be redeemed at participating FCM retailers only, and a full list may be obtained from any Customer Service Counter;
    3. may be used multiple times until its stored value is exhausted;
    4. may be combined with other modes of payment accepted by the FCM retailer, if its stored value is insufficient;
    5. may be combined with one or more other FCM Gift Cards as payment for a single purchase.
  3. The holder of the FCM Gift Card will not be entitled to earn points under the Frasers Rewards Programme for the purchase value of the FCM Gift Card.
  4. The FCM Gift Card has no fixed expiry date. However, the FCM Gift Card and any unutilised stored value will be invalidated and expire if it is not used for a continuous period of 3 years. No extension or refund of the unutilised stored value will be granted.
  5. The FCM Gift Card is a stored value gift voucher. It is not a cash card or a substitute for cash. The stored value in the FCM Gift Card is a non-refundable pre-payment for goods and services at participating FCM retailers and may only be redeemed for such goods and services. It may not be refunded, converted to or exchanged for cash, or transferred to another FCM Gift Card, regardless of whether the stored value has been fully or partially unutilised.
  6. FCPMS shall not be responsible for withdrawals of any of the participating FCM retailers from the Programme. Participating FCM retailers are subject to change at any time without notice.
  7. A valid FCM Gift Card which has a production defect may be exchanged at no charge for a replacement FCM Gift Card with an equivalent stored value. A valid FCM Gift Card which is damaged, torn, defaced, or rendered unusable by mishandling may be replaced upon payment of a replacement charge of $10.
  8. If FCPMS intends to terminate the FCM Gift Card programme for any reason, the user will be given a grace period of at least 6 months to redeem at participating FCM retailers.
  9. FCPMS will not be liable for the stored value of any misplaced or stolen FCM Gift Card, and such card will not be replaced or re-issued and the unutilised stored value will not be reimbursed.
  10. The FCM Gift Card is transferable and does not contain any information for verification of the owner’s identity.  FCPMS and its retailers shall not be obliged to enquire or verify the holder’s ownership of the FCM Gift Card before acceptance for use.
  11. While a purchaser or user is permitted to give a FCM Gift Card as a gift, or distribute it free of charge, a FCM Gift Card may not be resold by the purchaser or user for money or moneys worth.
  12. FCPMS may in its discretion invalidate any FCM Gift Card which is suspected of being forged, cloned, tampered with, stolen, fraudulently issued or used, in which case the unutilised stored value will not be refunded.
  13. The FCM Gift Card may be purchased in bulk.  However, any single purchases exceeding $20,000 may be subject to due diligence checks by FCPMS, and may be refused by FCPMS if such a purchase is suspected or found to be contrary to applicable laws or regulations.
  14. FCPMS shall be entitled to correct the stored value balance on any FCM Gift Card to rectify any accounting or processing error.
  15. FCPMS makes no representation or warranty that the use or processing of the FCM Gift Card will be error-free or prompt, or that the FCM Gift Card will be accepted by all FCM retailers.
  16. FCPMS shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, including any loss of income, business, goodwill or profits.  FCPMS’ liability for any claim arising from or in relation to any FCM Gift Card(s) shall in any event be limited to the last stored value balance(s) on such FCM Gift Card(s).
  17. If any provision of these Conditions is illegal or unenforceable under any applicable law or regulation, such provision will be deemed to have been deleted to the extent necessary to cure such illegality or unenforceability, and these Conditions shall continue in force without such provision.
  18. FCPMS reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion, to limit, add, amend, replace or delete in whole or part any of these Conditions. The amendment shall be binding on the FCM Gift Card purchaser or user upon publication of the amended version on FCPMS website at In case of any inconsistency between the online and printed versions of the terms, the online version shall prevail.
  19. These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore law.  The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.
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