Impossible Hot Pot
1 Oct 2020 to 4 Jan 2021

Impossible Hot Pot Menu:

  1. ZeroCal Noodle IMPOSSIBLE™ Duyu Hot Pot
  2. ZeroCal Noodle IMPOSSIBLE™ Spicy Soon Dubu Hot Pot
  3. ZeroCal Noodle IMPOSSIBLE™  Kimchi Hot Pot

Seoul Garden HotPot Singapore launched their first IMPOSSIBLE™ Hot Pot made possible using plant-based ingredients that comes in three unique Korean soups – Spicy Soon Dubu soup, Duyu (soymilk) soup, Kimchi soup. From IMPOSSIBLE™ meat balls, plant-based squid to chewy knots of gluten-free ZeroCal noodle, also known as konjac noodle that is in zero in calories and an excellent choice for weight management. This dish is an absolute perfection for the body with abundant of health benefits. Accompanied with high antioxidants tofu and an array of mushrooms - black fungus, shitake, golden and king oyster mushrooms that aids in boosting your immunity and maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Available Period: From 1 October 2020

Visit Seoul Garden HotPot at Changi City Point (#01-18/19).
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